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Born on 17th April 1974 Faisal Kumar Usmani (Screen Name- Akksar Allahabadi) in Village Ratgaha, Allahabadi is an Indian Script Writer, Lyricist and Indie filmmaker. He was brought up in a very humble household where his father (Q.U. Usmani) was an ex-principal of a Government College and his mother was a homemaker. He is the eldest of four children (a younger brother and two younger sisters). Getting a decent education was always emphasized in their household mainly because of his father’s background and he opted for an Aeronautical Engineering Degree from the Aeronautical Society of India. His passion, however, had always been writing and he had started writing from a very early age and upon realizing that this was the only way forward for him, he dropped his studies and started looking for opportunities that would align with this goal.

His first opportunity came to him in 1995 to work as an Asst. Script Writer with Mr Raghwesh Asthana (a top Indian Filmmaker and Producer) for N.E.P.C. TV show ‘SONE KA OFFER’ in Chennai. He then went on to work as a Script Writer for various other N.E.P.C.TV shows like Roop Shringar, Eve's Special, Hello Hello, Dhurandhar, etc. He has written dialogues for over 250 episodes of E.Tv Urdu’s daily soap Yahi Hai Zindagi. His career of over 25 years has included writing dialogues and scripts for several tv shows, documentary films, advertisement films, Hindi and Tamil films, etc. Some of his most notable Hindi films are Mera Krodh, Nayi Bazi, Diwangi Ne Had Kar Di and Tamil films Mudal Maryadai and Karutamma.

He wrote and started directing his very first indie feature film Godaam in 2019 and the movie was released on 17 th December 2021. Godaam showcases the story of a small-time happy and content farmer who is in love with a girl (Haldi) but cannot marry her because of his financial struggles as a farmer. Godaam went on to win the Winner Best Picture and Winner Best Director awards at International Film Festival 2019 Virginia. Presently Akksar is working on an Indo-American English feature film- The Lost Ship set to release in 2023.


Born: 24 April 1981

Age Now 43

Kanika Maheshwari - (TV-Actress)

Born: 24 April 1991

Age Now 33

Neha Saxena - (TV-Actress)

Born: 24 April 1980

Age Now 44

Tapur Chatterjee - (Model)

Born: 24 April 2001

Age Now 23

Khushi Dubey - (Actress)

Born: 24 April 1931

Age Now 93

Shammi - (Movie Actress)

Born: 24 April 1980

Age Now 44

Sonya Jehan - (Movie Actress)

Born: 24 April 1938

Lived For 71 Years

Mac Mohan - (Supporting Actor)