Ashok Kohli is a famous writer and director of Bollywood. He has written the script for the Hindi movie” Rajdhani Express Click to look into! >> Read More... Rajdhani Express ”, a socio-political drama which released on the 4th of January, 2013. The film featured the famous tennis player Leander Paes Padma Shri Leander Paes was born and brought up in >> Read More... Leander Paes . Ashok Kohli is a perfectionist and is devoted to his work. Since this film was Leander Paes’ debut performance in Bollywood, Kohli arranged and managed various acting workshops for Paes, keeping in mind his tight schedule. He travelled with him to Hongkong and USA for a month to give him adequate experience and exposure to acting without the camera.

Kohli has praised Paes in various interviews calling him a lovely and disciplined individual. He put in his best in the direction of this film. The crew began filming in mid-December. He was very keen on the movie looking as authentic as possible. Since the plot revolves around trains, he even went to the extent of hiring a train for the shoot. The movie was shot in Mumbai. Kohli believes in old school filmmaking. He grew up watching classics such as “ Lawrence of Arabia Click to look into! >> Read More... Lawrence of Arabia ” and “Sound of Music”. He loves traveling.