Amit Gupta Hindi Actor

Amit Gupta is a writer as well as Director. He is a well known for his movie named Jadoo, which means magic. Amit’s family started a chat restaurant and were residing above the Chat restaurant. He spent most of his time over there. He still remembers his childhood days when he spent time doing his homework near the windows. His movie Jadoo is about the dispute among two brothers, both chefs and then set up rival restaurants near to each other both of the brothers were unsuccessful, and then daughter reunites them.

He says he did not want his movie to be of problems, and then he finished this movie shooting in parts of London. London is one of his best destiny place he likes spending time which reminds him of his childhood days. He says he still remembers crying when he was watching the movie Sholay. His family members are fans of Bollywood legend . Amit’s dad expired in the year 1984 and then his aunt helped in building him up. He then finished his schooling at an independent school.

He also had shot an award winning short film razor-sharp tale with a twist which was played in more than 30 film festivals. Amit does not believe in luck he says more work you put in you will be luckier. His movie Jadoo made a world premier in Berlin, and many people liked the movie and Amit was appreciated for the efforts he had put in his movie.