S.K. Masi is a film director who makes films for CD and YouTube channel. However, his movies do not get a theatrical release although he attempted to do so. He is very popular for a movie ‘Hyderabad Kay Sholay’ which had a Hyderabadi touch and flavor.

The film stars Akbar Bin Tabar, Altaf Hyder, Bhavana, etc. The story, screenplay, and direction for this movie was done by S. K. Masi. This film’s co-producer was MD Masihuddin. MA Nayeem was the producer. The film was released on 15th May 2015.

He also became popular for his another movie ‘Ye Do Jasoos’. It was again made to be released for a CD, and was a low-budget movie and not a high-budget film. For this flick, he sought a heroine who played roles in a very few films.

Faiaz Khan was the hero in the picture. For another movie 'Dulha Badal Gaya', Zaki Khan was the producer. Zaki Khan and S K Masi were the directors for the film, while the music is composed by A Venkatesh. S. K. Masi had a specific intention to make a Hyderabadi culture movie and in his endeavor, he has been a success. The director got great applause from Bollywood veteran comedian Johnny Lever. It may be noted that all his films are shot only in Hyderabad.

Raj Rajawat Hindi Actor

Raj Rajawat

Director Raj Rajawat is known for making Bollywood B-grade movies. His movie ‘Killer Girls’ had a screenplay by Mann Kumar and the producer of this movie was Aasif Kazi. This film released on 26th February 2016. The film starred Ajit Pandit, Tara Bhatt, Asif Kazi Anil Bhool, Mann Kumar, Raj Rajawat, Manoj Vishvakarma in lead roles. Mahesh and Rakesh composed the music for this film. Anil Bhool was the associate producer. The screenplay, the choreographer’s roles were credited to Mann Kumar. Tanishq was director of photography in the movie, with the same crew and above star cast, he made another movie ‘Killer Boys'. ‘Dream Zindagi’ was another movie in 2017, produced by Shantilal Chopra & Amit Chopra Raj. Rajawat was the director of the film which had stars like Nishant Kumar, Seema Singh, Shivani, Abhilasha, Kiran Singh, Sahnaaz, Minakshi Singh, Hemant Sharma Subhra Ghosh, and Rajesh Singh who played lead roles. The lyrics were by Tarkesh Mishra & Rakesh Kharvi and the music was composed by Mahesh-Rakesh. The director of photography was Nandu Choudhary. Choreographer of the movie is Kanu Mukherjee and Chetna. In the year 2005, he made his debut with the movie 'Mastani Bhabhi' and in 2016 he made another sizzling romantic movie named as 'Dil Jalao Na' which starred the likes of Shannon Tweed, Julie Strain, Deanna Brooks, Richie Varga, Daniel Murray, Todd Eckert, Rick, etc. It is not that only B-grade actors who act in B-grade movies, even actors like Akshay Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Mithun Chakraborty have starred in B-grade films. These films distinguish from mainstream cinema and do not have perfect movie posters. Plus, these movies differ in sensational movie titles, sex-murder storyline, low production value, unknown star cast and the low-budget formulas. A 'B-grade' movie is called so because of the small budget that is definitely not an art house for pornographic. The founding fathers of B grade films are Vinod Talwar, Mohan Bhakri, and D films. Many directors have followed the same pattern, and Raj Rajawat is one among them.