Ankan Sen was born on 11th May 1993 in Kolkata, India. He is a very popular dancer from North India. He proved it by turning out to be the title winner of a dance reality show, namely Just Dance Just dance was a dance reality show aired on Star >> Read More... Just Dance of Star Plus Television channel. The judge of the show, namely Farah Khan Farah Khan is an Indian film actress, producer, di >> Read More... Farah Khan had felicitated him saying that he resembled Hrithik Roshan Hrithik Roshan with his unimaginable dance moves i >> Read More... Hrithik Roshan , while he performed in the contest. This was a huge regard for the young dancer of India and his passion is to make a mark in the arena of dance. He resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra during the phase of his ambition towards becoming a stunning dancer.

Ankan Sen’s height is 5 feet and his star sign is Taurus. His role model is Hrithik Roshan and he wants to be a great dancer like Hrithik Roshan. According to Ankan Sen, his definition about life is that his life is dance and dance is his life. This had apparently shown in his passion towards dance as his career. He knows three languages namely Hindi, Bengali and English. He is a non-vegetarian as far as his diet is concerned. His extracurricular activities and interests include cricket, carrom and of course doing wonders in the arena of dance. His ambition in life is to definitely make a mark in the business world.

His debut act in the stage ensued while he was just fifteen years old and he performed a western style of dance. He made a mark as a young person which any actor had hardly done. His favourite actors include , Aamir Khan Aamir Khan or Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan is Bolly >> Read More... Aamir Khan and finally his role model Hrithik Roshan. His desirable movie is House full, which was a huge hit indeed. His favourite actresses include Kajol and Aishwarya Rai. Despite the fact that his parents were totally against his interest in dancing, he emerged out to be a successful title winner of the Television show. The jury was mesmerized by his performance.