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Daniel Fernandes Hindi Actor

Daniel Fernandes, often called ' Danny Click to look into! >> Read More... ' by friends and colleagues, is a stand-up entertainer who is currently living in Mumbai. Although he was born in the city of Mumbai, he was raised in Goa. Daniel loves performing in Pune, and performs, on a regular basis, in various pubs like High Spirits. Bill Burr William Frederic Burr, popularly known as Bill Bur >> Read More... , Dave Chappelle It is a very rare coincidence where a comedian is >> Read More... , Chris Rock Christopher Julius Rock was born on February 7th i >> Read More... , have all inspired Daniel Fernandes and his works. He has completed his MBA from SIMS, Pune. He did his MBA in marketing. Before entering the stand-up industry, he did a short stint in the Indian advertising industry.

Daniel's style of comedy is dark and surreal, and he is famous for his works on these themes. His comedy stunts are based on the Indian society and the various issues that it faces. Usually, it covers topics like marital rape, student suicide, capital punishment, free speech and other current events that happen in India. Apart from social issues, his comedy material is also influenced by his experiences with travel, failed relationships, etc. Daniel believes that everything has a touch of comedy and fun in it. He has also collaborated with various others from his line of work, like Aditi Mittal, Kanan Gill, Sundeep Rao, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Abish Mathew and Gursimran Khamba.

They are each also quite famous in this field. Daniel Fernandes has done stand-up comedy on various platforms across India and abroad. Usually, he performs in pubs and such public places. He has performed at various comedy clubs like Blue Frog, Canvas Laughing Club, and The Comedy Store. He has also accompanied various celebrities for their film promotions and has also hosted events. He has hosted events like the "Forbes India's entrepreneurial awards, 30Under30", in the month of March 2015. He has also accompanied Nawazuddin Siddique to promote the biographical movie "Manjhi: The Mountain Man" during October 2015.

Recently, he has performed at the Melbourne Comedy Festival that took place in Australia. Daniel is also active on social media, especially on Twitter as @absolutelydanny.