Abish Mathew, a stand-up comedian filled with humor and comedy, has recently made his name in the industry. With various comic shows and videos collaborated with some famous names, he is one of the best comedian known. Within a short period of just four years in the field of comedy, Abish has earned a lot of fame worldwide. Inspired by famous names like Russell Peters Russell Peters is famous for ‘observational comedy >> Read More... and Robin Williams Robin Williams is a legendary actor and comedian. >> Read More... , he stepped into the world of comedy. Having his channel and a show, Son of abish, he is perfecting himself day by day. Unlike other comic actors, Abish’s jokes are unique and full of humor.

His passion for his work can be seen with the confidence in the delivery of his speech and jokes. An experimental comic actor, versatile and energetic, Abish seems to be a multi-talented star. Started as a comic actor from his childhood only (not professionally) at home by imitating his father, later it became his inspiration. He resides in New Delhi Click to look into! >> Read More... and has an elder brother. As a kid, Abish was multi-talented. From singing to dancing he used to do it all. He was also a guitar player and was good at sports too.

Abish married actress Archana Kavi Archana Kavi’s real name is Archana Jose Kaviyil. >> Read More... , her childhood friend. They got married on 23rd January 2016. Archana has been a part of about thirty films whereas Abish has made his career as a comic actor. Abish was part of his school band and used to host the events at school. During that time, he realized that he could make his career in the field of stage and acting and is good at making people laugh with his humor. In 2009, Abish started his career as a radio jockey on 95.0 FM and later in 2012, left the job and started his career as a comic actor. In 2012, he came to Mumbai where he got opportunities in the field of a comic actor. Started his career in the field of comedy from an online series Pun Liners, by today, he has done many shows and videos worldwide.

Though Pun Liners wasn’t that great, after that he got a kick-start to his career. With the collaboration with AIB (All India Bakchod), he has done many videos and by this he has got famous on all over the internet. He has also done videos with East India Comedies, and Abish has also done various shows outside India and was a part of New York Click to look into! >> Read More... comedy and also performed at International Comedy Festival, Holland. Son of Abish is his chat show which is soon going to release the second season. Abish also appeared in AIB’s knockout that later came into controversies because of the content. Within a short period and shows over the internet only, Abish has done a marvelous work and proved himself as an asset to the comic industry.

Bithiri Sathi Hindi Actor

Bithiri Sathi

Many persons want to become a distinct celebrity and have a star life. Some of them choose small screen, and some prefer big screen. Bithiri Sathi is one among them and he has his outstanding proven talents in the industry. Bithiri Sathi is a Mimicry artist and a comedian by nature who became very popular in the state of Telangana in India, through a Program in V6 channel. Bithiri’s original name is Ravi, and he hails from Pamena village in Chevella Mandal Rangareddy district. His Mother is Yadamma and father is Narasimhulu. Early in his childhood, Bithiri used to understand by observing different kinds of people and their behavior clearly and used to imitate them. Sathi got educated only up to fifth class in Pamena village whereas he finished his secondary education in Chevella. With huge motivation from his friends, Bithiri shifted to Hyderabad to find himself a position in the movie industry. But it was not a very easy job for him to get a chance, resulting in a lot of struggles. Bithiri belongs to a Backward Class called as Mudiraj Community, and because of that, he struggled a lot to get a chance. Finally, he got an offer in the Zee Telugu channel through Comedy Club Program, where he proved his talents. Later, he got an opportunity in the 6TV news channel, where he gave a lot of appearances. His initial turning point of career is his appearance as Narsaiah Thatha in a program. Later he joined V6 and got himself established as Bithiri Sathi. Bithiri Sathi can’t be just a media face of the industry among Telangana TV viewers, but he is also a trendsetter in the YouTube website having lakhs of visitors for a total of his satirical cum spoof works available as videos. Sathi chooses current and trending topics to hit mockery at politicians, movie stars and ensures that both criticism and fun levels in his videos are in balanced proportions. Bithiri Sathi instigates the funny bones of his audience in a typical appearance by wearing long knickers, a loose shirt containing designs of flowers and his label histrionics with Telangana accent. There is no overemphasis by telling that lakhs of viewers stick themselves with TV sets for this comic style comedian's show in the well-received news channel. Lots of Bithiri’s commentary videos are available in the v6news’s official website, where his contribution is a major one.  


Tanmay Bhat

Tanmay is a stand-up script writer, comedian, All India Bakchod's co-founder, and producer . All India Bakchod is a comedy sketch group. He  featured at a comedy club located in Soho, London, which was opened by Peter Rosengard and Don Ward in the year 1979. Tanmay was one of the Local Heroes of the line of all-Indian comedians of Mumbai. He gave his performances from the United Kingdom alongside comics in an event named Best In Stand Up event. He went to the school named Sheth Chunnilal Damodardas Barfiwala High School. He was given the name Top 10 Comic, by the newspaper company named The Times of India. He also co-founded the All India Bakchod, which is the initial comedy podcast in India. The other co-founder is  Gursimran Khamba, an Indian stand-up comedian, and writer. He completed his education from  high school and since 2009; he started to play the circuit. He then performed a mic circuit, after which, he became professional. He went to Weirdass Comedy to join  it. He became the opening act of Vir Das. It was on very huge sellout. He started performing for about five times a  week. He then became the extraordinary Weirdass Comedy member, which is the first comedy, which not only writes but also directs and performs all the contents of comedy on different formats. He also became the part of the comedy troupe named Cardinal Bengans. He continued working with the television content and script films of Weirdass Comedy. He got a chance to be seen alongside Ashwin Mushran, Vir Das and other people on the Ripping the Decade, which is a special show on the occasion of New Year in India, known to be the first ever show on Star World. In the previous year, he became a part of the performance of the famous Weirdass Comedy in Scotland at a festival named Fringe Festival. He also appeared in Mr. X and Ragini MMS2, which were recent Bollywood movies. Though his participation was as a cameo appearance or minor role, he was glad about  being casted in films. Mr. X film is an Indian 3D science fiction vigilante thriller film under the direction of Vikram Bhatt. The film was written by Shagufta Rafique, and Mukesh Bhatt produced the film. Ragini MMS 2 is an erotic-horror film of India in the year 2014 under the direction and co-production of Bhushan Patel and Ekta Kapoor along with Shobha Kapoor. Tanmay was a part of the roast show of comedy, which got diverse critical acclaim when his group hosted it. It was a controversy in his life. The Brahman Ekta Sanstha's president named Akhilesh Tiwari filed FIR on Tanmay, Karan Johar, Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and some other member of the panel on February 2, 2015, for the usage of profanity and vulgarity excessively.  Another Version of this Bio... Tanmay Bhat is a renowned stand-up comedian and is also a script writer. He is a versatile comic actor and has appeared on many shows and in online comic series. He is also the producer of India’s first comedy podcast, All India Bakchod (AIB). AIB took over the internet with a storm recently with its fun filled videos and high humor. Tanmay Bhat has made his name even though the career as a stand-up comedian is still less accepted by today’s Indian society. Going through the hard times with few resources to work upon, Tanmay was determined and continued to work on his career. He is also a scriptwriter for various comic troops and is famous all over the internet for his work. Tanmay Bhat, born in 1987, belongs to Mumbai, Maharashtra. Born in Mumbai, Tanmay did his schooling from S.C.D.B ( Sheth Chunilal Damodardas Barfiwala) High School, Mumbai. After his schooling, Tanmay joined Delhi University for his graduation. After his graduation, Tanmay started his career as a stand-up comedian. In the year 2008, Tanmay started as a stand-up comedian professionally. Though the future as a stand-up comedian didn’t look that bright earlier in 2008, Tanmay’s determination made him start up with this career field. His first appearance was in Mumbai’s Comedy store (a comedian line-up) in ‘Local Heroes’. Though there were international comedians scripted in English, Tanmay started with his script in Hinglish (Hindi plus English) and achieved the fame. Later he did other comic shows and also performed at ‘Best in Stand Up’, UK’s stand-up comic show in which he was one of the ten comic actors. After gaining much experience and recognition, Tanmay along with Gursimran Khamba co-founded AIB to entertain people through YouTube. Within a short span of time, AIB took the internet by storm and it was famous all over the world. Though it was a hit, Tanmay was soon caught in a controversy when AIB aired the show named ‘AIB Knockout’ in which the guests were roasted. Due to abusive language and content in the show, it gained public and media’s attention. AIB is still active and releasing videos on YouTube in which some of them features Tanmay Bhat, it has become a part of his success. He was also seen in few films like Mr. X and Ragini MMS 2 in a supporting role. Apart from the AIB’s Knockout controversy, Tanmay Bhat was recently caught in a controversy again as he targeted Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar in a video for making fun of the legends. The complaint was registered by the MNS party against him. Even though Tanmay was caught in controversies because of his humor and joke, Tanmay has made his name in the comic industry and is now recognized as one of the best Indian stand-up comic actors.

Tanmay Bhat Hindi Actor