Abish Mathew Hindi Actor

Abish Mathew, a stand-up comedian filled with humor and comedy, has recently made his name in the industry. With various comic shows and videos collaborated with some famous names, he is one of the best comedian known. Within a short period of just four years in the field of comedy, Abish has earned a lot of fame worldwide. Inspired by famous names like and Robin Williams Robin Williams is a legendary actor and comedian. >> Read More... Robin Williams , he stepped into the world of comedy. Having his channel and a show, Son of abish, he is perfecting himself day by day. Unlike other comic actors, Abish’s jokes are unique and full of humor.

His passion for his work can be seen with the confidence in the delivery of his speech and jokes. An experimental comic actor, versatile and energetic, Abish seems to be a multi-talented star. Started as a comic actor from his childhood only (not professionally) at home by imitating his father, later it became his inspiration. He resides in New Delhi and has an elder brother. As a kid, Abish was multi-talented. From singing to dancing he used to do it all. He was also a guitar player and was good at sports too.

Abish married actress , her childhood friend. They got married on 23rd January 2016. Archana has been a part of about thirty films whereas Abish has made his career as a comic actor. Abish was part of his school band and used to host the events at school. During that time, he realized that he could make his career in the field of stage and acting and is good at making people laugh with his humor. In 2009, Abish started his career as a radio jockey on 95.0 FM and later in 2012, left the job and started his career as a comic actor. In 2012, he came to Mumbai where he got opportunities in the field of a comic actor. Started his career in the field of comedy from an online series Pun Liners, by today, he has done many shows and videos worldwide.

Though Pun Liners wasn’t that great, after that he got a kick-start to his career. With the collaboration with AIB (All India Bakchod), he has done many videos and by this he has got famous on all over the internet. He has also done videos with East India Comedies, and Abish has also done various shows outside India and was a part of New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York comedy and also performed at International Comedy Festival, Holland. Son of Abish is his chat show which is soon going to release the second season. Abish also appeared in AIB’s knockout that later came into controversies because of the content. Within a short period and shows over the internet only, Abish has done a marvelous work and proved himself as an asset to the comic industry.