Longinus Fernandes is a very known Indian celebrity. He is a choreographer and dancer by profession. He celebrates his birthday on 20th October every year. He has received lots of prizes for his accomplishments including a Filmfare Award for Best Choreography in 2009 for the movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and Song- Pappu Can’t Dance Saala.

This song and the dance steps was so much loved by the audience that still if the song plays, no one can stop themselves from dancing the steps of the song. He has also worked in numerous Hollywood movies like Slumdog Millionaire, Bollywood Hero, and others. Slumdog Millionaire is an Oscar-winning movie, but it may be the lack of luck of Longinus that the director of the film forgot to give him the credits of choreographing the song Jai Ho.

Later on, in the Academy Awards, he apologized in front of the audience and accepted his mistakes and finally, the credits were given to him. Then he was awarded the “Fred Astaire Award” for best film choreography in Slumdog Millionaire. He started his career as a dancer in the Hindi film industry in the early 1990’s. Later on, he also started choreographing independently with the film named Dil Ka Doctor.

Though this went unnoticed and he came into limelight only after he took part in the reality show, Jhalak Dikhhla Ja (Season 1) which is a dance reality show and aired on Sony Tv in 2006. He was paired up with the actress, Shweta Salve. They couldn’t win the show but was adjudged as the runner’s up. He was the choreographer for the dance show “ So You Think You Can Dance” for three consecutive years.

Another version: 

Longinus Fernandes is an esteemed Bollywood choreographer and a dancer. He has been credited for his popular work in Oscar-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire final songs, ‘Jai Ho’. Longinus started his career in early 1990s in Hindi cinema industry. He won Filmfare Best Choreography Award and Astaire Awards for best film choreography in 2009. He has worked in music videos, films and television. He has also worked as choreographer in the famous television show ‘So you think you can dance’ Canada for three years in a row.

Fernandes’ work experience with the eminent director Danny Boyle has been phenomenal. Danny trusted him and guided him to keep the choreography moves simple and real as it will bring out the right essence of the song, everyone knows how wonderfully it worked for them. The choreography here was a challenge to him since both the lead actors were not dancers. He mentioned in one of his interview that he or anyone from the makers had faintest idea that the film would be such a great success and would be recognised as one of the masterpiece in the film industry nation-wide.

The success of the movie was a turning point of his career as not only did it bring him projects outside his country but also got him to another level of achievement he had never dreamt of. Fernandes’ opportunity of being a choreographer along with the exceptionally amazing dancers has not been less than a dream come true for him. The hunger for learning is something that swept his feet off. He doesn’t find it any different to choreograph for Bollywood or other styles as according to him execution is similar and both needs to have the right postures and techniques to represent themselves.

He insisted that the growing popularity of Bollywood dance form in western countries was due to the abundant population around the globe and the unbelievable number of films that release each year in different languages. Longinus is a freestyle dancer and more of a performer. He follows Elvis Presley, James Brown, Michael Jackson and John Travolta and is extremely proud to be able to reflect all their styles in his way.

He started off as a dancer and eventually by crossing each path he has achieved immensely and has reached the point he is at today. He has been working on Bollywood and Hollywood movies parallelly. He gives the credit to Farah Kahan for shaping his career. She helped him with work when he had nothing in his hands and convinced other stars too that he would do a great job. He did not get all the success overnight but he had to push himself through all the struggle. And here we are, he is recognized worldwide for his excellent job.