Dev Joshi Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 28-11-2000
  • Age : 20
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius
Dev Joshi is a young boy from Gujarat who is the superhero in the SAB TV super hit serial 'Baalvir' which has recently completed 500 episodes. Dev was born on Novemer 28, 2000 and is a student of class nine. 

Dev bagged the title role in the serial Baalvir in 2007 when he was studying in class VII. He plays the role of a supernatural boy who is abandoned a birth and adopted by fairies who take him to fairyland or Parilok where he is brought up by these fairies. Different fairies endow him with different powers and when he grows up, he is empowered with supernatural powers who helps the children in earth in case of need.

He comes down to earth and stays with a family as Ballu and helps the children of the family Manav and Meher who are bullied by their class mate Montu and Ballu helps them to overcome this bullying. Bhayankar Pari (played by Shweta Kawatra Shweta Kawatra is one of the most striking and lea >> Read More... Shweta Kawatra ) plans to snatch the kingdom of fairyland from Rani Pari and makes her devastating plans. Helping in her foul plan are her accomplices, Bhraman Pari and Mahabhasm Pari etc. Baalvir foils their plans and peace is returned to Pari Lok.

The serial has recently completed 500 episodes and still going strong with high TRPs. Dev is irregular in attending to his classes and trying to find a balance between his education and shooting schedules. He has tested vast popularity at a very young age, but he does not want to pursue acting as his career. He wants to become a plot when he grows up.