Top 10 Unbeatable Costumes Of Indian T.V Shows

Top 10 Unbeatable Costumes Of Indian T.V Shows Hindi Article

Indian mythological shows have always been known for their eye-catching costume designs and so are some of its fictional shows. Here is a list of such serials with the fascinatingly attractive outfits.

​1.  Jodha Akbar Jodha Akbar is a very popular epic historical tele >> Read More... Jodha Akbar


The show which was well known not only for Jodha’s taste of jewelry and dressing but also for those beautifully made clothes for all its main characters. It gave us an appropriately amalgamated culture of both Hindu and Muslim cult.

2. Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev


Parvati on this show charmed the sets with her elegant style of dressing. This religion based program gave us the best ever actor in the guise of Mahadev and the near-perfect appearance of Sati. Every single character on this show had put on the apt way of making their role look quite appealing to its audience.

3. Shani


The serial revolves around the life of Lord Shani. Chhaaya (Shani’s step-mother) captures the limelight with her golden ornaments and gown. Shani is ruling over with his blackish blue costume. Kaakol’s outfit makes him look even more chubby and lovable. Rest other characters have simply put on the most captivating dresses that anyone could ever match.

4. Chandra Nandini Chandra Nandini is a fictional drama telecasted in >> Read More... Chandra Nandini


With a winsome way of draping their sarees, the women on this show have taken over all the attention. No doubt, Chandra’s accessorizing and turban keeps our eyes glued to him every time he is on the screen.


5. Jai Shri Krishna Jai Shri Krishna is a mythological TV series based >> Read More... Jai Shri Krishna


Yashoda and Nanda’s innocent expressions added up to their uniquely designed clothes and adornments.



Every Son Pari fan girl must have dressed herself in a golden gown with wings, tiara and magical stick. Well, our Altu also came out to be quite likeable with him being in a ‘male pari’ avatar. The witch also seemed much dangerous and badass in that black-red outfit of hers.

7. Baal Veer Baal Veer is the hero of all the children associat >> Read More... Baal Veer

Protecting the world against witches and other such powers, Baal veer does it with his magical wand (an appropriate prop for every savior of humanity). The cape gives him a superhuman touch and every other element of his costume presents him as a hero for the mankind.


Taking us back to our history, the show clearly provides us with some of the iconic outfits ever worn in India. Even the simplest of Ashoka and his mother’s garb make them appear to be spellbinding.

​9. Ishqbaaaz

The elite and sophisticated style of sprucing up is the USP of this rom-com show and on the other hand, puts forth the simplest way of dressing for a middle-class girl. It has shown us the most beautiful attires for brides on this channel, giving us goals for our own wedding. It tells us that, even the elderly women of a high-class family dresses to her utmost potential.


Giving us a glimpse of the Rajasthani culture, the show has brought us real close to it. The Lehenga-choli of almost every color and pattern were presented by them. Their simple yet graceful clothing has ruled over our hearts for many years.