Your mouth starts to water when you see him cook on your television screens. Surjan Singh Jolly is among the most experienced and talented chefs in India. There is no cuisine in the world that he can’t cook to the perfection and that is the reason why he was selected by Paris Hilton Paris Hilton is an American based multifaceted soc >> Read More... Paris Hilton as her personal cook when she visited India. This shows that not only in India but even in foreign countries, people fancy dishes made by Surjan.

Surjan also runs a cooking show, aired on Zee Khana Khazana, named Ab Har Koi Chef. In the show Surjan teach his viewers how to make different types of dishes, especially those dishes that need to be taught through video, as not every dish can be made by just following recipe. 
On many occasions Surjan has been selected as a guest judge, in one of the most popular cooking competition, MasterChef India MasterChef India is presented by the Indian dairy >> Read More... MasterChef India (16 October 2010- Present), aired on Star Plus. He was also casted as a Judge in Junior MasterChef Swaad Ke Ustaad, aired on Star Plus.

He started cooking when he was only 6 years old, Surjan belonged to an open minded family, as usually in India boys are not allowed to cook, but his passion was seen by his parents and other family members, that’s why they encouraged him to pursue his dream and become one of the finest cooks in India.