Hindi Casting Director ( 0 - 12 )

Rajendra Sawant

Raghav Sharma


The Actors Are Actor Because Of Casting Director

The casting agency is a team with the ability to identify talent and understand the requirements for a film. Headed by the Casting Director, the team plays a crucial role in the production of films by handling the casting of the actors. Every major and minor role for any movie requires a lot of processing before the movie hits the floors. For established actors it is mostly dates and their approval but for new-comers or those who are just a few films old need to go through auditions.

Also, the director keeps an eye on theater artists, stage actors, and television reality shows to bring out the talent. In fact, the entire team has to research well for the purpose and report to the casting director. The casting director organizes the screen tests and auditions, and the team keeps a record of all the participants on each character in the film. Consulting the Director and Producer is something that happens at each phase since they need to update their requirements, if any, and also, approve the choices.