Casting Director (0 - 12)


Casting Director Does "Final Selection Of Casting"

A casting director is the one responsible for finalizing the cast of a particular movie or TV soaps. The casting director generally acts as a vehicle between the crew and the cast member. It is their responsibility to determine who is suitable for which role. For this task, they meets with the producer first, directors or sometimes script writer. They do this to understand the concept of the film fully and to understand the character in the motion picture more clearly. Also, they discuss the budget of the movie and how much the producer is willing to pay to the actor for the particular role.

After gathering this, all information they creates a list of targeted artist according to the budget of the movie after that he contacts with the agents of the actors to know their availability on the dates of the shoot. Also, they audition the supporting cast, sometimes brings out new talent in the industry. Then they create a list of all artists concerning the characters of the movie and give it to the producer, after collaborating with the Director or producer they together make last amendments into the list before finalizing the cast.