Naren Chandavarkar is a music composer. Originally from Bangalore, he currently lives in Mumbai, India. He debuted in the Hindi film industry by composing the music for That Girl in Yellow Boots (2010). He went on to compose music for several other films like Harud (2010), Ship of Theseus (2012), Killa (2014), and Udta Punjab (2016). He worked on the score for the film Nil Battey Sannata (2015). A bunch of projects he has worked on are in post production. These projects are expected to be released in 2017. Some of these include Candyflip, and Noor. Naren along with fellow musician Benedict Taylor, husband of Radhika Apte, forms a music composition duo. They are based in Mumbai and London.

They have an official website as well. Film, television, theatre, and contemporary dance are the subfields they have created music for. Their music is internationally as well as critically acclaimed. He frequently collaborates with Rohan Vinayak and Sneha Khanwalkar. Naren has also dabbled in acting. He used to play the role of Amit in the 2008 TV comedy series Mumbai Calling. He is currently working towards the music of the Telugu mythological film, Subramaneswara Swamy, directed by P Venu Gopal Chowdary set to release in December of 2019. He is the music director of the film. Background music for the short film M.B.A (2014) is credited to Naren. A large number of international film festivals frequently applaud the music composition of Naren.

These include the Venice, Toronto, and London Indian Film Festivals. The film Ship of Theseus, directed by Anand Gandhi, was voted by the Critics Circle, an organization of British critics for dance, drama, film, music, visual arts and architecture, as one of fifteen life-changing films of the century. Alternative and unconventional compositional styles are characteristics of his music. Deconstructing an instrument to try and get the most diverse and unfamiliar sounds out of it is a regular trait of his music compositions. Using every day items like kadais, pots and pans, spoons, forks to produce sound effects as desired is another feature that makes music composed by him individualistic.

His ideology with respect to music is finding the right tool for the right job. He believes that there is a great possibility of dialogue between acoustic, real-world instruments and technology-driven sounds. Naren does not have an account on Twitter and is not active on Facebook or LinkedIn. He has worked mostly on independent cinema. He states that he has learned a lot about music composition from his colleague, Benedict Taylor as well as the various sources and forums on the internet. He likes the work done by Alexandre Desplat in films like The Grand Budapest Hotel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2, and Twilight. R D Burman, A R Rahman, and Amit Trivedi are some of his other favorite composers.