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Devika Anand or Devika Anand Gupta is a renowned Indian anchor and producer. She started working as a reporter on NDTV in September 1995. Throughout the years, her job includes reporting and anchoring live news story. She has also worked as an Input Editor on NDTV and has anchored infotainment television shows such as Doctor NDTV, Good Morning India, and Investigation. In the year 2002, she ventured in producing NDTV shows, which includes the award-winning show, Scope for Improvement, Small Talk, Face to Face and the Spectacular Spas of the World. She became the Head of Travel Programming in 2007, as she joined NDTV Lifestyle. Devika also anchored the travel show, Me & Mandy on NDTV in the same year, where she travels to the various destination, together with her cameraman, Mandakini Malla.

In 2009, her show, No Big Deal, won the Best Travel-Based Show Award at the Indian Television Academy Awards. In 2014, Devika anchored and produced NDTV Profit’s The Makeover, together with her stylist, Samantha Kocchar. The show is giving makeovers for middle-class professionals. Aside from her media career that spans over 19 years, Devika co-authored the book, Economics for Class 12 and had worked on her second book about children stories.

Kaisha Hastu

Kaisha Hastu is a famous anchor on the Indian Television and has anchored some hit shows including ‘Cut.’ Known for anchoring reality shows, Kaisha is now seen hosting ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding.’ This show airs on NDTV Good Times. The context of the show desired an anchor who is extroverted and lively, and they found what they were looking for in Kaisha Hastu. A casting director of the show even said that after watching Kaisha’s performance in ‘Cut,’ which was a prime time show on NDTV Good Times, the casting team was sure to cast her as the anchor of their next show. The ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ showcases the journey of Kaisha through the grand and innovative Indian weddings. Indian weddings are the most happening weddings in the world. Everything about them is special. Be it decoration, food, costumes, or location. Indians are known for spending a lot on weddings, and this is what The Big Fat Indian Wedding tries to capture. It’s a journey of the lead anchor, Kaisha Hastu visiting weddings all over India, which have the most extravagant buffet or decorations, or costumes. Viewers love this show as they get to see how marriages are solemnized in different parts of India and at what scale people prepare for them. Kaisha visits all these venues selected by the creative team with her team of cameramen and covers each aspect of the marriage. She talks to the families of both bride and the groom and talks regarding the preparations and what makes this marriage worth being featured on ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding.’ She also chats to the bride and groom regarding their big day, and how excited they are. Then the most delicious part starts i.e. the buffet. She talks to the guests and based on their recommendations tastes the best dishes of the day. She never misses trying the signature dish of the chefs. Till now she has visited cities like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Jammu, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Kerala, and Chennai. Most of these episodes were in Rajasthan and Punjab. Kaisha herself admitted that people in South are quite simple and don’t believe in showing off. But the royal culture of Rajasthan makes it her favourite spot.

Kaisha Hastu Hindi Actress