Ali Saleem is an anchor. He was conceived in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, to a colonel in the Pakistan army. From a rudimentary age, he craved and fantasized about being a lady. It was in his high school that he got the chance to do a play for Yasmin Ismail at the Art Council of Pakistan dressed in a burqa delivering a great monologue to the audience.

It was with this monologue that the people saw the women within his body. They would run to him and solicit him in dismay, absolutely puzzled by the fact that how a tyke can mimic a lady more established than his age. Ali took his initial life instruction from Cadet College of Attock, Hasanabdal and later went to Froebel International School enhance his unique ability.

That is on the account of that Ali's specialty on primetime TV was his modified inner self, Begum Nawaish Ali, the babble cherishing divorced person who was a tease and evaded her way through everything from legislative issues to amusement news. In spite of contentions, he turned into a genius.

Be that as it may, now Ali's back as himself and he wants to command wireless transmissions with his new show, The Late Show with Ali Saleem. He has been facilitating as Begum on and off since 2005. He had a considerable measure of fun with Begum. In 2015 he was far from Karachi.

He was shooting up and coming to dramatization Mor Mahal Mor Mahal is a fantasy based fictional Pakistani s >> Read More... Mor Mahal in Lahore. He had a really intriguing character in Mor Mahal. Ali had an amazing time working with Sarmad Sehbayi and Sarmad Khusat. After that he was fundamentally chilling, voyaging a bit. That is the point at which he was drawn closer by Dawn by doing a morning appearance. After somewhat of a dialog, they chose a late night show would suit his identity better. Thus they began attempting to make sense of what the show would resemble.

They chose that Begum had been done to death — however that is likely not the best expression to utilize. So somebody suggested him, “why not actually play yourself?” He enjoyed that thought. He does not have to wear substantial saris and cosmetics to awe individuals any longer. He can simply be himself. It was the time to end the iconic thing which helped him to make his mark in this cut-throat world and of course, some of his fans love him since he makes a delightful lady. So his first character (not change personality) is called Poppy.