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Deep Pandey, also known by the nickname "Raja," is a multitalented personality in the entertainment industry. He works as an actor, producer, writer, and singer. He has gained acknowledgment for his contributions to both Bollywood movies and music albums. 

He is very versatile and creative and thus has been pushed to the lead of the industry. Deep Pandey's career began in 2019. He is set to take on the leading role in the upcoming movie "Passion Of Khazana," a project where he will also perform the roles of financier and co-producer, which shows his multitalented personality and various skills.

He was born on November 29, 1992, in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. Deep Pandey's roots are in the heart of India. He is residing in Mumbai, which serves as the background for his flourishing career. Deep Pandey has worked hard to set his place as a talented person and has a passion for both acting and the entertainment industry.

His varied interests are reflected in his hobbies, which are acting, dancing, singing, and cricket. 

Deep Pandey has contributed actively as an actor, producer, writer, and singer and continues to work on various projects and leave an impression on the audience. 



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