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Bengali Tv Actress Solanki Roy

Solanki Roy is an Indian Actress, who was born on 3rd August 1994. She is from Kolkata. She completed her schooling from Innovation Early high School, Kolkata. She did graduation in Bengaluru.

Solanki made her debut with the TV serial titled Ichhe Nodee (Bengali 2015 -17), in which she played the role of Megha. Her work list also includes a web series, ' Dhanbad Blues Dhanbad Blues is a Bengali Crime Thriller web seri >> Read More... '. In the year 2015, she got 'Tell Samman Award' and Priya Notun Sodoshya (female) for “Ichhe Nodee” (2016). She got married to Shakya Bose on 8th February 2018.


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