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Bengali Tv Actress Ishaa Saha

Ishaa Saha was born on 25th February 1985 in Kolkata, West Bengal. When growing up, she was a big fan of movies, and always pictured herself to be an actress. After completing her schooling, she pursued LLB from the University of Calcutta. She completed her degree and then worked for six months in a high court for her internship. It was during this time when she also started auditioning for a different number of roles. Her hard work paid off and she was cast in the hilarious TV serial called Jhaanj Lobongo Phool, where she portrayed the character of Lobongoa. Her acting impressed everyone, and soon she made her debut on the silver screen with Projapati Biskut. A hilarious comedy movie about a married couple, when the wife’s sister becomes pregnant with a child and the hilarity ensues. The movie was a smash hit and Ishaa garnered huge praises from the critics.


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