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Bengali Tv Actress Shyamoupti Mudly
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TV actress Shyamoupti Mudly is from Bengal. On November 4th, 2002, she was born in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. 'Chokher Bali' was her first television appearance. She was offered a leading part in the television series "Dasi." ' Bajlo Tomar Alor Benu Story Soon >> Read More... ' starred Shyamoupti Mudly in 2018. Agnidev Chatterjee Agnidev Chatterjee is an Indian Director and filmm >> Read More... was the man behind the camera. In the film, she was partnered with actor Rahul Dev Bose Rahul Dev Bose is an Indian actor who primarily wo >> Read More... . "Bultir Result" was released in 2020, and Shyamoupti Mudly portrayed the part of Bulti. Star Jalsha's series " Dhrubatara Story Soon >> Read More... " features her as Tara. Bultir was selected in Tokyo, Japan, as an official selection for Top Indie Film Award. There have been several television serials in which Shyamoupti Mudly has appeared, including Bajlo Tomar Alor Benu, Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni is a Bengali period dram >> Read More... , and Chokher Bali.


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