Chaitali Chakraborty is an Indian TV actress who worked for the Bengali film industry. She is one of the most talented and popular TV actresses who worked with many big stars. Some of her work includes Bonophool and Mej Didi, and in both the movies, she worked as an actress. Bonophool released in 1994 and Mej Didi released in 2003.

She also worked with Bengali celebrities like Master Abhishek, Shakuntala Barua Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Shakuntala Barua , , Ranjit Mallick Ranjit Mallick is a famous Indian actor known for >> Read More... Ranjit Mallick , Debashree Roy Debashree Roy is not only an actress but also a po >> Read More... Debashree Roy . Chaitali Chakraborty is now working on her more upcoming movies and TV series.