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Bengali Tv Actress Ditipriya Roy

Ditipriya Roy was born on 10 August 2002. She has completed her education at Patha Bhavan, Kolkata. Ditipriya’s father’s name is Alok Shankar Roy, who is a veterinary doctor and an actor. Ditipriya has completed her Higher Secondary studies in 2020 and has worked as an actress in Bengali cinema and shows. She is a beautiful and charismatic actress. Ditipriya has played the character of Rani Rashmoni in the Bengali Television Series Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni is a Bengali period dram >> Read More... . This series is indeed a hit series in Bengal and has a high viewership.

Ditipriya was interested in acting and performing from her childhood. She decided to be a child actress and started to act in movies and shows. As a child artist, she worked in the serials like Byomkesh, Maa, Durga, Aparajito, Bamakhyapa, Tare Ami Chokhe Dekhini, Tomay Amay Mile Story Soon >> Read More... , and much more. Ditipriya is going to make her debut in the Bengali movie Bob Biswas. Apart from these, Ditipriya has also done some other shows and films as well like Shaktirupeno(2018), 12 Mashe 12 Rupe Debibaran(2019), Durga Soptosoti Sombhobami Juge Juge(2020), Dev: I Love You(2016), Mayamrigoya(2021) and much more. Ditipriya also works as a model and also endorses several products.

She has won many awards such as the Best child actress award, Best child actress - Tele Academy (2018), Best Actress - Tele Academy (2019), Best Actress - TeleCine (2019), Bochorer Sera Award from The Governor of West Bengal organized by ABP Digital (2021), and much more. Ditipriya has portrayed her excellent acting skills in her works as Avijatrik(2021) and Achena Uttam(2021), which got a lot of praise from the fans. Some of Ditipriya's hobbies are painting and horse riding. Ditipriya has a powerful and loyal fanbase in Bengal. She is also available on all the social platforms where fans can interact with her.


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