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Prabodh Kumar Sanyal was a well-known Indian writer, journalist, and traveler. He came to this world on 7th July 1905 in Chorbagan, Kolkata. From 1937 to 1941, he operated as the editor of the Sunday literary magazine of Jug'a'ntar. He was working as the editor of Swadesh, where he faced allegations of sedition. In addition to this, he edited the magazines Bijli and Padatik. Prabodh Kumar had a deep love for traveling, and he took six journeys across India. His tours took him to distant and unreachable places in the Himalayas. Apart from India and Nepal, he also toured numerous parts of Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Russia.

Through his extensive travels, he improved Bengali travel literature, writing useful books such as "Mahaprasthaner Pathe" (1937), "Russiar Diary," "Debatatma Himalaya" (2 volumes), and "Uttar Himalaya Charit." "Mahaprasthaner Pathe," which helped him gain huge attention. In 1960, he started the Himalayan Association in Kolkata and became the president of the Himalayan Federation in 1968. Remarkably, in 1978, he traveled to Norway via the North Pole. Prabodh Kumar is mainly known as a novelist of the 'Kallol era,' but he also contributed regularly to journals such as Bijli, Swadesh, Dundubhi, Padatik, Forward, and Banglar Katha. His first novel, "Jajabar," was printed in 1928.

His other works like "Priyabandhabi" (1931), "Agragami" (1936), "Ankabanka" (1939), "Puspadhanu" (1956), "Bibagi Bhramar," "Hasubanu," "Banahansi," "Kanch Kata Hire," and "Nishipadma" were printed later on. Prabodh Kumar gave more stress on the approachable human relations between men and women relative to physical closeness in his novels and short stories. His love for travel impacted his literary works, which showcased a varied range of characters that existed in diverse lives rather than unsociable characters leading limited and inactive lives.

He wrote in a modest yet effective language to tell the intricate life stories of his characters. Prabodh Kumar Sanyal got known for his literary achievements. He got several rewards which included a gold medal from Calcutta University in 1911, the Shishir Kumar and Motilal prizes in 1910, and the Sharat and Ananda prizes in 1980. He left behind a rich heritage in Bengali literature. Prabodh Kumar Sanyal sadly left the world on April 17, 1983.


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