Upal Sengupta is a singer, songwriter, and composer from the famous musical band, Chandrabindoo. He is both a poet and a cartoonist. He is additionally a master in the art of origami. “Chandrabindoo,” also known as “Chandrabindu,” is a Bengali musical group based in Kolkata. The band is famous for its sarcastic, informal songs that are related to current events and cultural trends. Upal is the lead singer, composer, and singer for the group. He played a vital role in the group's musical evolution. He is well-known for his unique voice. Lead vocalist and composer Anindya Chatterjee Anindya is an Indian actor who is most known for h >> Read More... Anindya Chatterjee , keyboardist Sibabrata Biswas or Sibu, bassist Arup Podder, guitarist Surojit Mukherjee, and drummer Rajshekhar Kundu are among the other members of the group.

Chandrabindoo's former members include Subrato Ghosh, Subrato Lodh, Sukhendu, Subhendu, Tennie, Santanu, Arindam, Lintu, Pritam, Dron Acharya, Riju, and Debapriyo. In July 2015, Upal and his band embarked on their first overseas tour, performing in London to raise money for the Kolkata-based charity institution "Institute for Children in Need (CINI)." "Chandrabindoo" is "CINI ASHA's" official brand ambassador. Upal Sengupta and Anindya Chatterjee created the group in the late 1990s while they were college students. Chandra Bhattacharya joined them as a non-regular singer and lyricist. As Lead singers, Anindya and Upal composed music and created melodies. The band released their first album, "Aar Jani Na," under T-series in 1997. The song, with a new musical flavor, garnered positive feedback.

Upal Sengupta's most well-known works include "Jogakhichuri (2021), Manojder Adbhut Bari (2018), Posto (2017), and Open Tee Bioscope (2015).” He also acted in movies like “Le Pocha” released in 2004, and “Praktan” released in 2016. “Bhindeshi Tara (Chaw; 2001), Alta Tomar Gaan (Juju; 2003), and O Thakur (Belaseshe; 2015) are some of his musical creations.