Subrata Chattopadhyay

Other names of Subrata Chattopadhyay: Subrata Chatterjee
Subrata Chattopadhyay Bengali Actress
  • DOB : 18-07-1940
  • Date of death: 25-02-2004
  • Star Sign : Cancer

Subrata Chattopadhyay is an Indian Movie Actress. She works predominately for the Bengali movie industry. She was born on July 18, 1940, in Kolkata, India. Subrata is commonly known for pairing with Uttam Kumar Uttam Kumar was matinee idol of Bengali cinema. He >> Read More... Uttam Kumar , Soumitra Chatterjee Soumitra Chatterjee was born on January 19, 1935, >> Read More... Soumitra Chatterjee , and Anil Chatterjee. She debuted in a Bengali movie Sosur Bari in 1953. She acted in more than 200 films. She contributed as a supporting actress. She was married to Tarun Kumar Chatterjee Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Tarun Kumar Chatterjee in 1962. She died on February 25, 2004.