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Bengali Movie Actress Nandini Malia
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Nandini Maliya is a highly renowned Bengali actress who resides in South Calcutta. She was 47 years old, and her career spans about 35 years, during which Malia has starred in about 40 films. She is also remembered for her performance in “Malyadaan,” “Bisarjan,” and “Nimantran.” Nandini, unfortunately, suffered a cardiac arrest at the age of 47 on 13th September 1999, due to which she died at her residence in South Kolkata. A daughter survived Nandini Maliya. As an actress, Nandini Maliya is best known for her acting in “Madhu Malati” released in 1999, “Nimantran” released in 1971, “ Tania Tania is a Punjabi actress who is known for her wo >> Read More... ” released in 1987, “SantanJakhanSatru” released in 1999 and “Chhuti” released in 1967; also her performance in “Chhuti” won her the prestigious National Award.

Apart from the works mentioned above, Nandini’s other films include “KamalarBananbas”, “ Satyam Shivam Sundaram 'Satyam Shivam Sundaram' was a Telugu lang >> Read More... ” released in 1999, “SantanJakhanSatru” released in 1999, “Madhu Malati” released in 1999, “Baba Keno Chakar” released in 1998, “Lal Darja” released in 1998, “Jagaran” released in 1998, “Samarpita” released in 1983, “ Chena Achena Rohini is a naive girl living along with her broth >> Read More... ” released in 1983, “Ma Kalyaneswari” released in 1982, “Maa Bhabani Maa Aamar” released in 1982, “Maa Bipat Tarini Chandi” released in 1981, “Bhagya Chakra” released in 1980, “Samadhan” released in 1980, “Dui Purush” released in 1978, “Chhanda Patan” released in 1974, “Bisarjan” released in 1974, “ Sansar This is an upcoming show on colors tv. Colors tv s >> Read More... ” released in 1971, “Malyadaan” released in 1971, “Nimantran” released in 1971.


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