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Bengali Composer Sheikh Sadi Khan
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Sheikh Sadi Khan was born on March 3, 1950, to a family with a rich musical heritage. His music career began under the guardianship of his father, Ustad Ayet Ali Khan, and he took violin lessons from his elder brother, Ustad Bahadur Khan Ustad Bahadur Khan, born Bahadur Hossain Khan, is >> Read More... . He started as a Behala player in Pakistan Radio at the age of 15. After he migrated to Kolkata in 1971, he started working for Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra. He started composing music for Bangladesh Betar after working for the composer Khandaker Nurul Alam Bio coming soon... >> Read More... as an assistant for some time. 

He has worked on several films as a music director, namely Chakor (1992), Prem Deewana (1993) and Ek Khondo Jomi (2004). He has composed music for plenty of other films like Ekhoni Shomoye (1980), Princess Tina Khan (1984), Mohanayak (1984), Parineeta (1986), Hushiar (1988), Anchol Bondi (1989), Tokdirer Khela (1989), Traas (1992), Babar Adesh (1995), Shilpi (1995), Hangor Nodi Grenade (1997), Uttarer Khep (2000), Chana O Muktijuddho (2009), Madhumati (2011), Ekee Britte (2013) and for the documentary short film Shei Raater Kotha Bolte Eshechi (2002). He was the music director for the film Kalmilata (1981) and also appeared as an actor in it.

He won the Bachsas Award for Best Music Director for two films, Ferari Basanta (1983) and Poka Makorer Ghor Bosoti (1997). He won the Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Music Director for the film Ghani (2006) and Best Music Composer for Bhalobaslei Ghar Bandha Jaye Na (2010). He has won several other honourary awards like Celebrating Life Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014 and Ekushey Padak, the second-highest civilian award in Bangladesh, in 2018. Since 2014, Sheikh Sadi Khan has been serving as the Chief Music Producer of Bangladesh Betar.


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