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Saptarshi Roy Bengali Actor

Saptarshi Ray is a Bengali entertainer and a writer associated with films like Checkmate (2010), Kaal Madhumas (2013), Sajarur Kanta (2015), and Mahalaya (2019). He recently worked on a film called Network (2019), where he was playing the part of Mr. Chaterjee; the movie is a presentation element of director Saptaswa Basu.

The film spins around a TV show maker, who is experiencing a fatal infection, plans an unscripted TV drama to look for his vengeance on the very individuals who took his last shot at acclaim. He additionally featured in Mahlaya (2019), where he was assuming the part of Boroda.

The film got Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival (2019) for the Best Screenplay and was a part of the West Bengal Film Journalists' Association (2020). He featured in Supriyo Basak's The Oasis, a sci-fi thriller film that handles a significant innovation that may catch the brain's considerations as photos and video, released in 2013.

The story begins when an author starts getting video DVDs until one day he got a video where he sees himself killing his sibling. He hasn't committed such a crime, and the plot thickens when it's revealed that his younger brother, a researcher, has worked out how to hack into people's thoughts.