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Golam Mustafa, a versatile artist in theatre, cinema, and poetry recitation, was born on 2 March 1935 in Jhalokati, East Bengal, British India. He started his career in acting in 1945 with the play Pallimabgal at the Aswini Kumar Town Hall in Barisal. Golam Mustafa gained recognition for his recitation of Kazi Nazrul Islam's poem "Oi Nam" at Barisal Zilla School on the occasion of Fatiha-i-Yazdaham. Golam Mustafa's acting career spanned over five decades, and he acted in more than three hundred films in Bangla and Urdu. He was equally successful in all sorts of roles, such as heroes, villains, and side actors.

Some of his notable films include Pireet Na Jane Reet, Rajdhanir Bookay, Emilir Goyenda Bahini, Shubhada, Chandranath, and Devdas. He also excelled in dramas staged in theatre and teleplays. Apart from acting, Golam Mustafa was a cultural activist, literary figure, and feature writer. He wrote articles on social and political issues. In recognition of his contribution to the film industry, he received the Ekushey Padak National Film Award and the Bangladesh Film Journalist Association Award. Golam Mustafa passed away on 20 February 2003 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. His legacy as a multi-talented artist lives to this day, and his achievements will continue to inspire future generations.


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