Arun Mukherjee

Other names of Arun Mukherjee: Arun Mukhopadhyay
Arun Mukherjee Bengali Actor

Arun Mukherjee, also known as Arun Mukhopadhyay, is a national award-winning actor, and playwright from the Bengali industry. He started his career in films with ‘Kshudita Pashan’ in 1960. He aced the role of Ashoke in Satyajit Ray’s film ‘Kanchenjunga’ in 1962. His other notable films include ‘Palatak’ (1963), ‘Pratham Basanta’ (1971), ‘The Man With The Axe’ (1979), ‘Ekdin Pratidin’ (1980), ‘Sabuj Dwiper Raja’ (1973), ‘Milan Tithi’ (1985), ‘Parashuramer Kuthar’ (1989), ‘Mansur Miyar Ghora’ (2000), and ‘Basu Paribar’ (2019). He has also contributed to the short film ‘Sunglasses’ (2021).

Over the years, he has been a part of more than 50 films. Apart from being an outstanding writer and actor, the veteran is also an author. He is the writer of classics plays like ‘Marich Sangbad,’ and many others. Arun Mukherjee is one of the most prominent theatre directors of Kolkata and the founder of the Chetana theatre group.

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