Bangalore Days Movie Review

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  • Review for the film: "Bangalore Days"
  • Runtime: 2 Hours 52 Minutes
  • Certificate: U
  • Released: 30-05-2014
  • Genre: Drama, Family, Comedy
4 / 5.0

Plot Bangalore Days is a film about three cousins Divya, Krishnan, and Arjun who have spent their childhood together but as they grow up, they have to part ways. Divya is a young and ambitious girl who wants to be independent but is forced by her parents to marry workaholic Shiva Das. Her marital life is devastated, and so are her aspirations. Then there is Krishnan, who is a software engineer and wants a simple and traditional girl in his life but falls in love with an air-hostess and later realizes she was using him. Arjun too like the others move to Bangalore where he works a bike racer and mechanic and afterward falls for a paraplegic RJ Sarah. When Divya comes to know about Das’s secret love life she is outraged and decides to leave him.

Meanwhile, Arjun comes to know Das’s history which he tells Divya and she forgives Das when he apologizes to her. Krishan meets Meenakshi again who asks him to contact her, but he gives a negative reply. Arjun, who has won a race realizes the importance of Sarah in his life and expresses himself to her. Krishnan too then gets married to a neighbor, a foreigner named Michelle. The film is about friendships and relationships. It concentrates on how youngsters today manage their relations as well as their careers. The film focuses on how young people make decisions today and how they deal with their lives.

Analysis: The story is pretty simple and very predictable. It is not at all a different story, and one can easily connect to it. Though it is unsurprising, it is pretty real. The film presents itself in a fascinating way, especially for youngsters. It has very real life situations and problems that the youth faces today and how they deal with them. The writer Anjali Menon has done a satisfactory job at the script by keeping it simple for the audience to connect to it and not laying excess emphasis on any particular emotion.

Even in the direction, she has proved her skills by making the film look genuine. The cinematography by Sameer Thahir is impressive. He has used his skills excellently to capture the best moments and frame them in the finest way possible. He has also brilliantly employed all key landscapes of Bangalore, which makes the film even more fascinating. The music by Gopi Sunder stands perfect and suits the film very well. The script with its plain content is attractive to a huge audience. Though a pretty long one, it appeals to the viewers well.

Star performance Nazriya Nazim plays Divya and suits the role very well, and can put up with her ambitious and modern-day girl character very well. However, she seems to be more immature in the first part than in the later, and she loses when it comes to expressing her emotions of disappointment and sorrow at her marriage. However one still feels like the role of Divya was written for her itself. Dulquer Salmaan as Arjun is the best of the three. As he exhibits the character of the insecure and defiant bike racer, he does total justice to his part.

Dulquer has almost perfected himself in his role as Arjun. Nivin Pauly as Krishna also suits to his part, and he also adds to the fun element of the film with the dramatical effect that he adds to his dialogues. Fahad Faasil as Das too has done his part as an unbending and hard-hearted man pretty well. Nithya Menon as Natasha Francis and Parvathy as RJ Sarah have modest roles to play which they have done with immense maturity. Nithya and Isha Talwar as Meenakshi have cameo roles which are also relevant to the story.

What’s there?

1. The film though predictable is impressive and fascinating with its uncomplicated story line.

2. The young cast of the movie has done an excellent job of their respective characters. 

3. Anjali Menon excels at both writing and directing the film.

What’s not there? The film is pretty lengthy and as it is predictable it may also turn out to be boring.

Verdict: The film is very young and vibrant. It explores human relationships very genuinely. Youngsters can relate to it very well on account of the fact that it is in relation on their mindsets and ideology. It is good enough for a one-time watch.