Shambho Mahadeva Gearing Up For The Release!

Monday, November 9th, 2015

Shambo Mahadeva is the upcoming movie, which is highly expected by the Kannada audiences. Mysore Manju directs the film. Apart from the direction, he is the story writer and the screenplay writer of the flick. The movie “Shambo Mahadeva” features Aakash, Nagendra Aras, Neha Patil, 'Shobaraj', 'Satyajit', Girija Lokesh, Ganesh Rao and 'Sudarshan'. Recently, the hit movie, “Rangi Taranga,” made the other language movies turn back the Kannada cinema. After that film, people’s expectation became very high. To make a movie, the successful one, the story and the screenplay are very much important. We hope, “Shambo Mahadeva,” will have an excellent screenplay that attracts the audience!