Sandalwood Starts The Post-production Works!

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

Following the lockdown from March-end, all the industries are completely shut for the past two months. Now, the Ministry has given permission to start the post-production works, but with certain conditions. The sandalwood makers are happy, as they could manage the work with the minimum number of workers, as scheduled by the government. Already the government has given permission to shoot the serials indoor.

D R Jairaj, the President of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce, stated that they would start the dubbing, editing and CG works and it didn’t need many workers and they will follow the social distancing as advised by the government. Simple Suni and Judah Sandhy would be working for the music for their upcoming film. So, we would be getting the updates from the makers regarding the first single releases, soon.

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