Adnan Sajid Khan is today a popular face of Hyderabadi Cinema.He was born in Hyderabad city of India on 30th May 1963. At the age of fifty-three years, Adnan is a singer, actor and a comedian. In the 1990’s, Adnan was just a stage singer. It was luck by chance that he got into the acting business in 2007. One fine day, Adnan went to RK Mama Productions, Banjara Hills office to meet Aziz Naseer, his friend. It was there he met RK who took him to his friend’s room and thought he was a good candidate for the role of “Gullu Dada”, a don character from their new film. It took 15 mins for Adnan to be selected for the role and since then, people know him by the name of “Gullu Dada”.

The “Gullu Dada” is a famous franchise that has four parts to its kitty. All the movies of this franchise were received well by the watchers and made Adnan Sajid a star. The first movie of the Gullu Dada Franchise was named “Fun and Musti” in 2007 and the second was titled “Gullu Dada Returns: No Compromise, Only Fight” released in 2010. He did a total of three movies in 2011 titled “Zabardast”, “Ja Bhai Ja”, and “Family Pack: Take Away Comedy!”. In 2012, the third franchise film of Gullu Dada named “Gullu Dada 3” was released closely followed by the fourth franchise film “Gullu Dada 4” in 2013. After that, he did a regional film of Hyderabad called “Thriller”. In 2013, he did a film titled “Ek Tha Sardar” followed by “Stepney” in 2014.

His latest release is a film titled “Dubai Returns” stated to be in cinemas in July of 2016. All of Adnan’s movies have been well appreciated by the audience so much so that all of his 12 movies have had a run at the cinemas for at least 50 days. More than a dozen theatres in the area of Nizam Circuit featured his films. These twelve films have all been made in Hyderabad and have Deccan lingo i.e. language. In an interview, Adnan once said that the language of his films is neither Urdu nor Hindi, it is something of a combination of their way of talking, the accent they portray, the words they use and the way their tongue rolls when speaking.

The interview took place near Charminar in Hyderabad, where people recognised him and were eager to get clicked with the “Gullu Dada”. It is his experience that people take time to recognise him, but when they do, he is usually mobbed by them for pictures. He once got mobbed in Mumbai too.