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Tutta Mutta Season 1 Kannada TV SHOWS on UDAYA TV
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Tutta Mutta Season 1 is the first edition of an Indian reality show. It premiered in 2021 on Udaya TV. It is a Kannada language show. Tutta Mutta is a family game where a participant plays the game with his family members. Tutta which refers to younger individuals and Mutta referring to an elderly person gave the show its name as Tutta Mutta. It is a one-of-its-kind show that presents an interesting take to the usual quiz shows. Tutta Mutta gained popularity as it invited celebrities to indulge in the quiz round with their family. The viewers and live audience were delighted to see this take on a reality quiz show. Tutta Mutta Season 1 features a host that takes the game ahead for the participants and viewers.

The host introduces the participant and their family to the viewers with a peek into their background and life before being on national television. Tutta Mutta Season 1 has a simple concept of answering the quiz. The participant chooses between the answers given by Tutta Mutta to win the round's prize money. The show grants a platform to people to earn money by presenting their intelligence. The show has three rounds, as the quiz progresses from entry level to expert level, the questions get more challenging.

Tutta Mutta Season 1 is an engaging and informative show. The show features numerous questions related to current affairs and the Telugu entertainment industry. It is a fun and interactive take on the monotony of quiz show concepts across all languages. The show enhances the participant's experience as they get  moral support from their family members. The show gained popularity for its distinctive concept and enhanced  features. Tutta Mutta Season 1 is an excellent source of entertainment. It helps build an insightful program for the viewers to learn and entertain while watching the fun conversation among family members.

Tutta Mutta Season 1 has more than fifty episodes of 30-40 minutes per episode. The long run-time doesn't make the show boring as the host keeps an engaging and interactive conversation. Tutta Mutta Season 1 is an interesting reality show and is filled with insightful questions, fun and light-hearted conversation with a spirit among participants to win the show's title. With the success of the first edition of the show. Tutta Mutta launched its second season. Watch all episodes of Tutta Mutta Season 1 on Udaya TV.


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