Nishi Singh Bhadli Hindi Actress

Nishi Singh Bhadli is an Indian actor who is mostly seen in comic roles. She is best known for 'Monsoon Wedding' in 2001 as a Dubbist. This film won the Golden Lion Award and received a Golden Globe Award nomination. The film's central story concerns a father who is trying to organize an expensive wedding for his daughter with a secret event planner.

She also played a role in ' Qubool Hai Qubool Hai is an Indian TV opera soap regarding th >> Read More... Qubool Hai ' an Indian TV opera soap regarding the Muslim Community and the main thing it wants to do is to ensure the respect Islam deserves. It vanished all wrong thinking about the Islam religion. In this, she played a role as Haseena Bi.

Nishi Singh Bhadli played a part in adding humor to Zee TV's ' Hitler Didi Hitler Didi which literally means Hitler Sister is >> Read More... Hitler Didi ' and played the role of Maina, Sunaina's (Smita Singh) mother. She also played a role in 'Love Express' in 2011. It is a story of two Punjabi families trying to have a marriage during a train journey. Initially, the bride and the groom are not interested in each other, but the real drama starts when the bride and the groom start a romance and become comfortable with each other.

Nishi is born and brought up in Delhi. She completed her schooling at Bal Bharti Public School, Delhi and did her graduation in Delhi University. Nishi Singh Bhadli is married to a popular actor, Sanjay Singh Bhadli Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sanjay Singh Bhadli , who had been doing supporting roles in Bollywood. Nishi and Sanjay are blessed with two children, a boy and a girl. Their daughter stays with them in Mumbai, while their son is said to have been residing in Delhi with his maternal grandparents. Nishi impressed the audiences with her natural performance and her latest work is in Tenali Rama Tenali Rama was a 1990 Hindi TV series aired in Do >> Read More... Tenali Rama and Ishqbaaz. In 2019, Nishi had some health complications and got paralyzed. After the treatment, she had been returning to normal. In August 2020, before she got cured entirely, Nishi got paralyzed once again.