Vaishali Nazareth got into the television media industry through the serial “Bhagonwali – Baante Apni Taqdeer”, that was aired on Zee TV.

After that, Vaishali got an offer to work in a serial that was telecasted by Sahara TV by the name “ Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Aangan Hoga” in which she played as the second lady in the life of Pratap, which was played by Rakesh Paul. The story revolves around the lives of Vaishali and Pratap. Both Vaishali and Pratap work in the same office and are in a relationship. They manage to conceal their relationship from others until Aakash takes up a job as a lift operator in the same office building where Pratap and Vaishali are working. One day, Aakash happens to spot Pratap and Vaishali, while on duty. Aakash will be the first family member of Pratap to spot him with his second lady.

In another serial “Hum Ne Li Hai – Shapath”, Vaishali played a role with negative shades. In this serial, she acts as an agent who supplies human body organs. Vicky Ahuja played the role of a doctor, who is involved in organ transplant.

In an another serial, Vaishali Nazareth played the role of a scientist named Swati along with Dinesh, who also played a scientist as Kalvin. Kalvin makes a deal with some people in the United States to steal nuclear missiles from India and sell them to the USA. Swati develops a missile with in-built super powers and as Kalvin is aware of this, he secretly targets the missile developed by Swati. Swati comes to know about the evil plans of Kalvin, and then Kalvin kidnaps the family members of Swati so that, Swati will accept all of his demands and will not utter the truth.