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Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho Hindi TV SERIALS on Colors TV
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The Hindi serial Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho is a well-known serial whose director is Yogesh Bhati and is produced by Pia Bajpayee and Shaika Parween Bio coming soon... >> Read More... under Satori Media. The lead characters are Tanvi Malhara Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Kunal Jaisingh Kunal Jaisingh is an Indian television actor. He w >> Read More... , Abhishek Malik Abhishek Malik was born on May 23, 1990. He is an >> Read More... , and more. It started from June 2022 to September 2022 on the Colours TV channel. Presently, it is available online on Voot.

Katha Rawat, Kabir Singh Shekhawat, and Yuvraj Singh Shekhawat are the three important characters in the show. Katha lives with Uma Rawat, her mother, and Manyata Rawat, her younger sister, in Nainital. She works for an NGO. Kabir, with his family, lives in Udaipur.

In this serial, Rahul betrays Katha despite her feelings for him. She later discovers that she is pregnant with Rahul's child. Meanwhile, Kabir visits Nainital and falls in love with Katha. Kabir proposes marriage to Katha, who initially refuses but eventually agrees. She discovers that Rahul is, in fact, Yuvraj, Kabir's younger brother. After the couple's marriage, Katha sees Yuvraj and is shocked to know that Yuvraj is “Rahul”.

The Shekhawats liked Katha, but Madhu didn’t like her. Yuvraj manipulates Manyata into falling in love with him. He’s doing this to take revenge from Katha. Katha, in order to save Mannu, decides to tell all the members of the family about Yuvraj. The Shekhawats do not believe her, and Kabir collapses from shock. Katha presents evidence against Yuvraj, and everyone accepts her. She confesses her love for Kabir, and he awakens from his coma.

Yuvraj tries to hurt Katha when everybody decides to put him in jail. When Yuvraj tries to kill Kabir, Katha shoots him in order to save Kabir. Yuvraj dies as a result. Katha accepts her crime and is granted bail on the grounds of self-defense. But did you know what happened next? Muskaan Katha Shekhawat, Katha's daughter, is born. Kabir, Katha, and the entire family live happily as the show concludes on a positive note.



Aditi Sajwan Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 12 February 1991
Aditi Sajwan
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DOB: 30 October 1965
Amit Behl
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DOB: 2 June 1948
Aanjjan Srivastav
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