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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Kareena Kareena is Habib Faizal's rib tickling comedy show with a unique concept. A naughty Punjabi girl loves to live her life like a free bird without any restrictions. She has a habit of lying in odd situations. This habit creates many terrible situations for her and how she handles them is the charm of the serial.

We all know that need is the mother of new inventions but in her case every problem is the mother of new lies and fraud created by her. Sometimes she does this for friendship.. Kulraj Randhawa Kulraj Kaur Randhawa is an Indian film and televis >> Read More... looks very natural in the both the roles. In the role of Kareena, she is pretty naughty on the other side as Mrs. Sood, she is very idealistic. When she needs a job in Mumbai to make her dreams come true, she portrays herself as Mrs. Sood and lives two different parallel lives.

Kareena's friend is an RJ in a radio station, so when she asks her to join, Kareena doesn't not deny her proposal and then she starts to live almost three different and difficult lives. Living three different lives with different ideologies, were she faces tricky situations it gets even tougher when she falls in love with Tushar Pandey Tushar Pandey is an Indian theatre actor. He was b >> Read More... , but he loves Tanu the RJ avatar. Kareena knew that this is wrong way of leading a life. At the end how Kareena unfolds the truth of her three avatars in front of everybody is the prime highlight, of this nail bitting serial.


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DOB: 15 February 1989
Anil Mishra
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