Kanika Kotnala Hindi Actress
Kanika Kotnala is a 27 years old Indian Actress who mostly works in Hinidi TV serials. She got a chance to perform in a popular serial Veera that was aired by Star Plus. Veera is a story about Ranvijay and his half-sister Veera. Ranvijay loves her sister Veera as mother loves a child. In this serial Kanika Kotnala is playing the role of (Sonia) Chanchali Balwant Singh, who is the step sister of Gunjan. She is the daughter of Balwant Singh from his first wife.

Konika has performed her role in Veera in an excellent way. She is performing a negative role in Veera as Sonia who is trying to disturb the relations between Gunjan and Ranvi just for taking the revenge from her father who never accepted her as a daughter. In term of carrier it is a good start for Kanika Kotnala.

Other than this Kanika Kotnala is also seen in ‘Baba Aiso Varr Dhudho’ as Jasmine, the daughter of Juhi Aslam Juhi Aslam is a popular television artist, who is >> Read More... Juhi Aslam . And it is also come to know that Kanika is going to appear in ‘ Gaurav Gaurav is an Indian actor working for the South In >> Read More... Gaurav ’s Love Interest’ Kanika will play the role of teen aged rich girl who will be in love with Gaurav. She is unaware of the fact about Gaurav that he is already married.
Either Kanika is at the initial stage of her carrier but her performance is portraying her future as a successful actress.