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Dance Bangla Dance Junior 2018 Bengali TV SHOWS on Zee Bangla
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Dance Bangla Dance Junior 2018 is a Bengali reality television dance show aired on Zee Bangla. The show is also available on the OTT platform Zee5. The show Dance Bangla Dance first started on 6 April 2007. This particular season gives a platform to children between the ages of 6 to 9 years old to display their dancing talent. The show was beautifully hosted by Bilash Dey and Shayari, while dance experts JiIsshu Sengupta, Sarbanti Chatterjee, and  Ankush Hazra Ankush Hazra was born on 14 of February 1989. His >> Read More... judged the show and imparted their knowledge to the contestants throughout the show. The show is directed by Raj Chakraborty   Raj Chakroborty is an Indian film director who >> Read More... , Subhankar Chattopadhyay Subhankar Chattopadhyay is one of the eminent pers >> Read More... , and Avijit Sen. 

In the first episode, Shayari wins the audience’s hearts and judges’ hearts through her mesmerizing singing performance. Later, Rodh, Ritwika, Kaushani, and other contestants give brilliant performances that leave the judges in awe.  The second episode features Pratyasha’s beautiful performance of a devotional song. Through her moves and devotion, she becomes the star of the night! Later in the episode, Sohom and Rupsha’s performance on ‘Badri Ki Dulhaniya’ is highly appreciated for its energy and enthusiasm. 

But a competition is a competition, right? While Pratiti’s performance on ‘Pinga’, and Tanishka’s on ‘Ghumar’ becomes the judge’s favourite, Rodh’s is unable to deliver a power-packed performance in the fourth episode. So, the judges share their discontent with him, to help him grow and do better the next time. In of the special episode, the show welcomes guest Jeet Ganguly Jeet Ganguly is one of the most prominent and acti >> Read More... who graces everyone with his presence. Participants Arpeshwar, Ritwika and others perform on songs composed by him which leaves the composer, Jeet, absolutely amazed.

Later in the episode, three contestants are selected as ‘Performers of the Day.’  Another episode features a tribute to the beautiful actress Sri Devi Devi Sree was born on August 14th, 1990, in Hydera >> Read More... . Jisshu dedicates the episode to Sri Devi, whom everyone has recently lost. The performance is indeed mesmerizing. All the other participants also pay their respects to the legendary actress and perform on songs from her movies.  The most unique thing about the show that is that each episode follows a theme, which makes the show all the more entertaining. A specific episode is dedicated to legendary Hindu gods and goddesses in a mythology special episode. Tanishka’s performance becomes the most loved performance of the day, specially by the judges. In the grand finale, all finalists were declared as winner as their talent was unique and exceptional in their own way.



Ananya Chatterjee Bengali TV-Actress
DOB: 16 January 1977
Ananya Chatterjee
Ankush Hazra Bengali Movie Actor
DOB: 14 February 1989
Ankush Hazra
Debolina Dutta Bengali TV-Actress
DOB: 20 April 1977
Debolina Dutta
Rakhee Gulzar Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 15 August 1947
Rakhee Gulzar
Saswata Chatterjee Bengali Movie Actor
DOB: 19 December 1970
Saswata Chatterjee
Sarvadaman D. Banerjee Bengali Movie Actor
DOB: 14 March 1965
Sarvadaman D. Banerjee