Tamil Tv Show Super Kudumbam Season 2

Super Kudumbam Season 2 Tamil tv-shows on SUN TV

Super Kudumbam is a serial which used to air on Sun TV channel. The full name of the serial is AMUL SUPER KUDUMBAM. This show is a combination of things i.e. dancing, singing and also drama skits. Thus it is a series full of talents and adventure. The series was telecasted in 2014. It is one of its kinds of series in which the viewers would get to see all three at one platform. It would also display various performances done by some of the notable people from the industry. The show consists of a variety of competitions and tasks kept in order to check the talent of the individuals.

The format would include that each time one of them would be eliminated. There would six rounds till the finale. The parts include of solo and group dancing, solo and group singing and solo skits. They were judged on their performances and were given marks on it. Anyone who used to get the least was eliminated. The jury panel consisted of the famous music director GangaiAmmaran and actress Meena. It was a tough competition and the judges need to do a fair decision. It can be termed as a powerful battle done among the participants. It can be called as the combat to entertain the audience. Thus when there were top 8 contestants in the fight, there were teams made. On the top was team Uravugal which were followed by the team Maruthaani.

The third position was backed by team Thangam and team KarthigaiPengal respectively. The next three positions were taken by team Ilavarasi, team Pillai Nila and team Thirumathi Selvam. The last but not the least on the list was team Thaamarai. But in the end, the real fight starts between them. The scoreboard was reset to zero and all of them have to perform to earn points on their scoreboard. The team which would get the highest points would be the winner of the show. In the robin round, they need to compete any two teams out of the seven and have to showcase ant three acts on the stage. The top four teams would move forward for the semi-finals and then in the last for the finals. Thus the host of the show Deepak and GaythriJayram try to carry the serial in a very entertaining manner and try to add the humour part in it. Thus it was a hit series of its time due to its unique concept.