Tamil Tv Show Super Challenge

Super Challenge Tamil tv-serials on SUN TV

Super Challenge is a Tamil entertainment show that is broadcasted by Sun TV. The show was launched on the 8 February 2015 and has been on the air ever since. It is televised on every Sunday at 1 P.M. The Show is hosted by the trio Rishi, Kavitha, and Nisha. The game show involves celebrities from the Sun TV's serials and their families,sometimes other celebrities of the Tamil film industry also appear on the show and are then divided into 2 teams, challenging each other while completing various tasks given to them, the aim being to outdo the other team by the end of the show.

The show consists of 5 rounds, the rounds being Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Match the Picture), Konjam Yosi Konjam Vaasi (Pass the Melody), Pesum Padam (Pictionary), Weight Party Weigh the Star, and Beem Boy Beem Boy (Super Sumo). The first round is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Match the Picture) –In this around old photographs (which are not well known) of celebrities are shown, while the contestants are asked to identify the person in the photograph. The second round - Konjam Yosi Konjam Vaasi (Pass the Melody) – is similar to the game of Chinese whisper, but instead of speaking, it involves playing an instrument.

The third round - Pesum Padam (Pictionary) – is straightforward; it involves the contest drawing a picture while the other members of his/her team try to guess what he/she is drawing. The fourth round - Weight Party Weigh the Star – involves a weighing machine, and the contestants are supposed to guess how much the star would weigh in an equivalent number of fruits and/or vegetables. The fifth round - Beem Boy Beem Boy (Super Sumo) – involves overcoming ones’ own weight while performing tasks wearing hilariously over-exaggerated sumo suits.

The show enjoys a very large and loyal fan following, who watch the show without fail. The program is brought to life by the stirring presentation skills of Rishi and Kavitha, who have become invaluable to the show. The participants are all very enthusiastic and perform the tasks with no hesitation. The sporting nature of the participants and their light-hearted camaraderie is a pleasure to watch. The scoring is casual, and there are very light hearted penalties for not completing the assigned task properly. The show has been widely covered in Indian media including articles that appeared in the Times Of India on the 21 February 2015.