Tamil Tv Show Perithinum Perithu Kel

Perithinum Perithu Kel is a Tamil reality television show. It is a reality television show, which runs in the format of a debate competition. This Tamil reality television show identifies the most forward thinking and progressive colleges around the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. And how this Tamil reality television show identifies the particular college is by pitting the most renowned institutions of each city or district in a debate like oratorical confrontation of ideas and thoughts. This competition is put on track on a weekly basis with every week featuring a new pair of colleges, debating on a previously decided subject or topic.

In one episode the two very reputed colleges, St. Joseph College and Bishop Heber College, are put to debate against each other on the thought that Tamilians are amongst the few who are considered to be people with high emotional characteristics, and so the question forms, is it right or wrong to be so much driven by the levels of their emotions. The panelists in this discussion were Badri, Jagath Kasper, and Elango Kalani. Another discussion swirled around the subject of health, and the question was, at today’s scenario should it be regarded as a service or business. The colleges which were put against each other to debate on this subject were Kilpauk Medical College and Stanley Medical College, from the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai.

The panel members involved in this discussion included Bharathi Krishnakumar, who is a renowned writer, Soma Valliappan, who is a financial advisor, and Imayam, who is again a famous author. One of the many subjects that had been chosen for debate was the impact of the breaking of a joint family, bad or good? The panelists, who looked over this discussion included Dr. Shalini, Neelakandha Arvindan, and Gnani. The two colleges that participated against each other in this debate were Fatima College and Lady Doak, from the city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu.

Lady Doak was the announced winner of this discussion, and Nirupama was awarded the title of the star speaker m Lady Doak. Some of the other topics for this competition included, is outward appearance and beauty a needed benefactor in the path to success, is bravery a requirement which is essential in life, should the environment be sacrificed for the development of a nation, and much more. oiThis Tamil reality television show follows the pattern of a game show, in which the team that outperforms the other had been declared as the winner of the discussion. And a star speaker is announced, who comes from the winning team. The decision lies in the hands of the panel, who scrutinize and measure the oratory abilities of every team, and individual, as well.