Tamil Tv Show Odi Vilayadu Mummy

Odi Vilayadu Mummy Tamil Tv shows on Puthuyugam tv
Odi Vilayadu Mummy is a program aired on PuthuYugam TV. Odi Vilayadu Mummy is a game show program involving mothers and their children, with the mothers playing for their kids. This game show is an interesting platform which provides an opportunity for the mothers to prove themselves by testing their physical and mental abilities through various segments. Odi Vilayadu Mummy started with four rounds initially namely Yaen amma smart(My Mummy is the smartest), Yaen amma strong(My Mummy is the strongest), Yaen amma fast(My Mummy is the fastest) and Yaen amma sharp(My Mummy is the sharpest) with the kids pairing them in each of the rounds. Odi Vilayadu Mummy also airs special programs on festive days by bringing in celebrity mothers and their kids.
  Odi Vilayadu Mummy is a weekly program aired on PuthuYugam TV on Sundays at 6 PM. The show is anchored by actress Sujitha. Sujitha is a known television actress who has acted in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu serials. The popular serials in which she has acted are Kanavarukkaga(Tamil), Maharani(Tamil), Maruthani(Tamil), Mythili(Tamil),Gangotri(Telugu), Sundara Kanda(Telugu) and Harichandanam(Malayalam). The character of Unnimaya in the serial Harichandanam is popular among the TV audiences in Kerala. Sujitha started her career as a child artiste in movies with her first movie being Mundhanai Mudichu opposite Sivaji Ganesan and Radha. Other popular movies in which she has played a role are Azhagan(Tamil), Summer in Bethlehem(Malayalam), Vaali(Tamil), Wanted(Malayalam) and many more.