Tamil Tv Show King Queen Jack

 King Queen Jack  Tamil TV SHOWS on VIJAY TV

King - Queen - Jack is another stand - up comedy show aired on Vijay TV in 2007. Each episode has an approximate running time of 30 minutes. It is completely based on clean jokes that can be understood by everyone of all age groups. The show does not mean any offense or harm to any religion or people, it is just for fun. It can be watched with the family as it does not have any false language or double meaning sentences. The show is set on a stage with a black drop curtain (nightclub) behind the stand-up comedian with the sign of the show sewed in and a famous band playing music according to the punches by the comedian.

The comedians include the infamous Y. Gee. Mahendran, Bosskey, and Badava Gopi. Their host Ramya does an amazing job in starting the show in a light mood and getting the people excited and boosted up for the amazing upcoming performances. The show has introduced a new humour segment known as ‘Gags’. In this challenge, the extremely talented comedians on the stage will have to mix together current news/affairs with comedy and present it to the audience.

It is not just the comedians who have all the fun playing this game, even the audience can take part in it. They can give the comedian current affairs, ask for specific topic jokes etc. ‘Spot the joker’ is also a game that can be played while listening to the funny jokes, in this game the public has to listen very carefully throughout the speech/jokes of the comedian and figure out that has the word ‘joker’ been spoken by him or not during his stand - up time.

If yes they have to message a number with the name of the comedian on specific number via message provided by the show itself and if they are right an awesome hamper is gifted to them. There is no limit on the number of hamper winners in a single show, unlimited people can win them, and you just have to sharp on your ears. The show got a massive positive response from the public just after their first episode was aired which gave them the indication to continue it. Although now the show is no more broadcasted on the channel but you can watch it on online media platforms like YouTube and other Tamil websites