Tamil Tv Show Kaasumela

Kaasumela  Tamil TV SHOWS on IBC Tamil

Kaasumela is a game show in Tamil language that aired on the channel, IBC Tamil. IBC Tamil is started as a radio station in London. In 2015, the television channel by the same name was launched to provide services to all Tamil audiences round the world. The show, Kaasumela was first launched in the year 2015. The show was launched in the month of February. The show was much liked by the Tamil audience worldwide. Each episode of the show lasted for an hour. Kaasumela is a reality game show and also a quiz show where celebrities of the Tamil origin from round the world and from different industries are called upon in a competition against each other to win the show.

The show not only challenges the minds of these celebrities but also challenges their talents and physical abilities. This makes it not only interesting, but also an unique game show. Each episode of Kaasumela has three contestants. The show starts with the introduction of each of these popular personalities. The first round of the show is a quiz round. In this round the host asks a set of questions to each contestant where they have to reply with a yes or a no. It is like a true or false quiz show.

The numbers of right answers decide their scores in the form of cards which have amounts written on them like 10, 20, 50, etc. Each of the contestants gets these cards worth their score. The next round is an audio round where the starting music of classic Tamil songs is played, and the contestants have to identify the songs and sing. The participants have a little moment of fun here when they are asked to sing the full song and dance on it. The winner in the round gets his additional scores by taking away the cards of the other contestants. In other words, ones' loss is ones’ gain here.

In another round, the three contestants have to put up a small skit on a given topic or idea and perform an impromptu role play. They are also scored on that. In the final round, their artistic skills are judged. They are given a board where all of them have to draw a certain object or animal or anything that the host says. They are easy to draw though, but the best drawing of the three wins the round. So at the end of the show, the participants receive prizes, gift vouchers, and mementos for their participation. It is an hour of fun and getting in touch with the artist in you. The show is hosted by the very popular and beautiful television presenter, Sivagami Vinayagan who anchors the show with utmost ease and her quirky, natural self.