Tamil Tv Show Iniyavai Indru

Iniyavai Indru Tamil Tv serials on Puthuyugam tv

Iniyavai Indru, is aired in Puthuyugam Tv channel with the huge fan following. The show hosted by youngsters like Anandi, Muthu, VJ Sowmya and Varun with enthusiasm and dedication are very well appreciated and applauded. The show resembles a live radio show. It is like watching a live radio show. The way the young anchors present the show with their pure and fluent Tamil is itself a treat to watch.

The show is telecasted in the mornings, which make the viewers start their day with a positive note. It is a lively show and very informative. The topics discussed range from different topics and with the meeting of different types of people from various fields and professions. The discussions include literary fields too, even about the books, the favourite books of the personalities, introducing different new books, discussing  them and so on.

The meeting with the cine personalities with different questions are really interesting. The show makes the viewers look forwards for it in the mornings, as all the informative and knowledgeable information's and news are brought in that. For example, one show featured about the harms of using plastics, other show about the traffic awareness, about yoga, one show by meeting the single working women, one with Iraiyanbu. I.A.S and so on.