Sowmya is the famous new anchor and VJ in popular shows that were broadcasted in Imayam TV channel. VJ Sowmya was a well-known TV anchor who regularly featured in a chat show with audience titled ‘Puthumai Penn’ that was aired on ‘Imayam TV’ during 2012. As an anchor of this show, she used to receive calls from viewers on the show uninterruptedly. The show was highly successful one.

She also hosted ‘Penmani Aval Kanmani’, a live show on the same TV channel which had a good response from viewers. She belonged to the new breed of TV host who could talk a hundred words a minute, and who had an opinion on music too. She was the face of Imayam TV for long. It meant, somehow, that she was a more than just a presenter, and she personified the qualities of a TV anchor that the channel stands for.

Recently, Sowmya and another anchor Varun hosted together a TV show ‘ Iniyavai Indru Iniyavai Indru, is aired in Puthuyugam Tv channel >> Read More... Iniyavai Indru ’ on Puthuyugam channel at 7.00 am all seven days. It was a breakfast show aimed at focusing on mental and physical health aspects of life. The show had completed a two-year run and still this morning show of Puthuyugam channel is doing an excellent job in this regard.

The show has gained a rising popularity and a decent following among television viewers across Tamil Nadu. The show has become arguably the most watched television morning telecast program in the whole state perhaps because of the vibrant, interactive segment with yoga instructors or prominent experts. The show has a mixed content, style of presentation and language. ‘Iniyavai Indru’ is the most popular health awareness TV show today.

The show has highlighted mainstreaming Yoga, Unani in the daily life of ours and even portrayed the value and necessity of World Water Day, International Women’s Day and Biodiversity Day to name a few. Many viewers took an advantage of the opportunity of the show to keep them fit.