Tamil Tv Show 60 Nodi Are You Ready

60 Nodi Are You Ready Tamil tv-shows on VIJAY TV

This is a very famous show and has the maximum number of followers which is aired in Vijay television. This famous Tamil show is a game show which is played by the celebrities of the same Vijay television serial actors. The show name itself reveals the game completely that it is game for 60 seconds and they are very simple and to be handled with care. The host of this show is Bhavana and Erode Mahesh. Bhavana keen voice will be bold and supportive and her dressing is too cultural to make others to stitch and Erode Mahesh is a good comedian to make the participant to be cool while playing the game.

The various participants are the famous television actors are Bose Venkat, Badava Gopi, Robo Sankar, Rachita and Rhindhiya Bose and few more. They improved their talents and show it by every episode which they have to play with little smartness. The different type of games are like filling water, standing in one leg, building with cards, walking in slim flat and more. This will make them to handle easily and also they have to be slow and steady to win. This show will be on every Sunday at 7.30pm.